Staff Handbooks – a poisoned chalice?

So, you have the unenviable task of producing the Staff Handbook. Where to start?

What with assembling the material, making decisions on content and cajoling colleagues to provide their bit, what starts as an apparently straightforward process can easily become a sysiphian task. And, that’s before you address the presentation.

With sections provided by various parts of the organisation, written by different people with varying writing styles, the task of putting it all together in a well-ordered format can be daunting.

The Staff Handbook needs to be well written, with the information presented in a clear and consistent manner – a major task in its own right.

Text Wrangling

Much of the material will probably be produced in Word or similar. Everyone has their own ways of writing and formatting documents so one of the biggest challenges is knocking the text into a consistent and structured format.

A subtle rewrite can make a tremendous difference to the presentation, providing a  consistent style throughout. Add a clean design and good typography to transform a potentially “boring” document into a well designed, clearly formatted and intelligently laid-out piece that will be far more effective.

Read more about the “improvements” we can bring to your Staff Handbook

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