“Scratchcards” or “Scratch Cards” – deliberate misspelling for SEO

We wuz propurly brung up ere at NHA and konsider gramar & speling to be v important so dont’ even think about putting an apostrofee in the wrong place!

That opening paragraph was tough to write but normal service will now be resumed…

The point of that opener was to share our frustration with some of the grammatical and (mis)spelling issues that we now have to deal with as part of any Search Engine Optimisation work.

Our online promotional scratchcards site ranks number 1 in Google for the phrase “promotional scratchcards”. While doing some SEO keyword research, we discovered (as of Jan 2013) that “scratchcards” returns 467,000 results but “scatch cards” manages 22,500,000. A big enough difference to not be ignored.

We’ve always treated it as a single word and now faced a dilemma. Which spelling to use? All our careful work to achieve the top slot could easily be thrown away if we switched wholesale to two words. Finding definitive information about the possible outcome proved impossible, Google are not forthcoming about such matters. So, tongues were bitten, prejudices ignored and the decision taken to use both; sometimes on the same page.

So, this article is by way of an apology for what looks like careless behaviour and inattention to detail. I’m sorry to say it’s deliberate.

Please be gentle.

View the evidence first hand


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