Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital - Arabic

How to produce a brochure in Arabic and English in 4 days (including a weekend)

(Ed - How things have changed! As of 2014 with broadband and digital presses this would have been a lot easier.)

8.30 am Friday

G & St T: "We need to produce a brochure in English and Arabic."
NHA: "No problem"
G & St T: "Aah. Well there might be because we're flying to Libya on Wednesday night."
NHA: "OK. Is the copy ready and what images do you want?"
G & St T: "We're still doing the copy, it should be ready by lunchtime. But we have no pictures can you find something suitable?"

Arabic day 1

Rest of Friday am

NHA: "How are you doing with the copy? We've got an Arab translator laid on for this afternoon and the printers will work through Tuesday night for us"

Friday 4 pm

G & St T: "Copy's coming over now via e-mail. And, we've got some bad news - the flight to Libya is at 9.30am on Wednesday, not that night."
NHA: "OK. We've missed the translators for today - but they have agreed to do it for us over the weekend"

Arabic day 2


Find royalty free images on the web
Design the brochure and produce artwork.
E-mail Acrobat proofs to the client for first thing Monday


No work - just cricket

Arabic day 3


8.00am: Design approved
10.00am: Document e-mailed to translators for Arabic to be incorporated
2.00pm: Translator's e-mail not working - documents sent by bike
7.30pm: Documents returned by translators with Arabic. Sent via ISDN to printers

Arabic day 1


8.00am: Plates made, job on press
10.30am: All printed - to finishers for folding and stitching
6.00pm: Finished copies delivered to NHA
7.00pm: Delivered to St Thomas hospital for collection during the night to be taken to the airport.

arabic translation