Exhibition Guide design and print

dti & the British Tourist Authority


brochure design
Trade Fairs in Britain


Combine an existing BTA exhibitions calendar with 7 different language DTI Trade Fair guides into one overall publication. Produce the most economical format commensurate with the majority of copies being distributed abroad and sell advertisement space to offset the cost of production.


An A5 booklet translated into each of six foreign languages.


  • Size: A5 - 88+4 pages
  • 115,000 copies
  • Material: 190gsm woodfree and 70gsm bcm
  • Printed: Heat set web offset & sheet-fed litho


  • Graphic design
  • European language translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Arabic translation
  • Page make-up
  • Create text from outline copy supplied
  • Repro
  • Print management

Special Requirements

Translate text to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese & Arabic.

Sell advertisement space