International Wool Secretariat

Wooltweed Animals

Animals POS


Conceive a relevant and evocative name together with a promotion for a new range of wool carpets based on the Berber technology but featuring a range of natural colours. The range to be manufactured exclusively with very high wool content.

In the first instance this promotion was aimed at the spinners and carpet manufacturers before progressing to the retailers and consumers.


  • Conceive the name "Wooltweed" and theme the promotion on the strap-line "Naturally inspired".
  • Make models of 4 animals (owl*, salmon, frog and butterfly) using carpet.
  • Produce brochures to sell the concept to spinners and manufacturers
  • * The owl stood nearly 4 feet high and ended his days in the window of a carpet retailer in Tokyo!

Carpet Cleaning Calculators


Cleaning Calculator


Produce a give-away for carpet and furniture shops to promote the benefits of pure new wool and encourage its use.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning "Calculators".
These were constructed so that aligning a revolving disc in the centre with the relevant stain provided 3 levels of cleaning.


Size: 200 x 100mm - 100,000 copies (across 7 years)

Printed: sheet-fed litho, gloss laminated, die-cut to shape and then joined together with brass eyelets.