St Thomas's Hospital

Contract for British Forces in Germany

leaflet design


The Health Alliance, through one of its founder members, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust, provides healthcare services for British Forces in Germany.

The Corporate Development department at St Thomas' asked us to produce a whole range of patient information:

  • 17 different Admission guides
  • 9 separate In Room folder information packs
  • A general overview of the Health Alliance
  • Posters for each Health Centre
  • A Complaints Procedure booklet
  • Leaflet dispensers for Health Centres
  • Outpatient Questionnaires

We were provided with the German hospitals' own admission guides (in German) and asked to create copy for each site. With the help of Health Alliance personnel in Germany this copy was then tweaked and customised for each site and we ended up with 17 different versions.

The consistent look we created to run through everything had to be presented to, and approved by, both Corporate Development at St Thomas' and the Health Commission in Germany.

And then, when everything had been produced, we assembled kits for each site.