Magazine Design and Writing

Shell in the Caspian - Quarterly magazine

Shell in the Caspian

Title and Market

Following the success of "Shell in the CIS" Shell asked NHA to produce a similar magazine for the Caspian region.

Design Requirements

Maintain the Shell corporate style but allow for a whole range of languages: English, Russian, Azeri, Turkmen and Kazakh (made harder because the full Azeri and Turkmen alphabets require specific typefaces).

Production Requirements

From raw editorial supplied, we re-write the articles and editorial to maintain a consistent style throughout the magazine.

Liaising with offices in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Moscow proofs are exchanged and updated via e-mail and the web.

We use a mix of conventional litho printing for the English and Russian versions together with digital printing for the Azeri, Kazakh and Turkmen editions.

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