Magazine Design and Printing

Shell in the CIS - Quarterly magazine

magazine design and production

Title and Market

Shell in the CIS. A quarterly magazine produced in both Russian and English; distributed throughout the CIS and Europe to decision makers in government and industry, both within Shell and externally.

Design Requirements

The Russian and English versions need to be almost identical which, with the Russian text making approx 25% more, posed a major challenge.

Production Requirements

Editorial and (some) pictures are supplied via e-mail from all parts of the world. We then distribute pdfs for checking to offices in Russia, Bosnia and elsewhere, collating and updating as required.

English editions are printed in the UK together with some Russian copies. The bulk of the Russian versions are printed in Moscow

Various enclosures are included throughout the year: CDs of the annual Report and Accounts, interactive DVDs of progress on the ground in the CIS, and a calendar.

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