Brochure Design and Printing

Intersport Summer Brochure

Summer 97 brochure


We arranged to photograph the clothing on location in Cape Town: scouting the 20 odd top quality sports locations, organising flights, hotel, car and van hire, props etc, all of which have to be within the budget, and casting 200 models (37 including children were used over the 12 day shoot).

As realism is an integral part of the brief our 60 shots feature only models who really play the sport. Although this makes for a longer casting process, we think the results speak for themselves.


  • 32 pages A4
  • 300,000 copies


  • Brochure design
  • Photography - Location and studio
  • Page make-up
  • Repro
  • Print management

The 120 still life pictures were shot in the studio over a period of about 7 days - shoes, bags, cricket problem!

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